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September 2010

furzehill shetland sheep new home

Is it really going to happen at last !
We could really be going to move at last fingers crossed that all will fall into place,
Next month could be D day for Furzehill flock to move to their new home if
this happens we are looking at a lot less acres and a relatively blank canvas for designing breeding pens and sheds etc.not to mention stables for ponies and areas for pigs,hopefully we will get a couple of areas ready before moving the ewes so that tupping can go ahead without any delay.
All I need now is some good idea's on layout for shed and breeding pens,

Mr T and Friends

New boy Mr T has settled in with his new friends well and is coming over with everybody for a small amount of feed.
The rich grass is a little too much at the moment and it is having the usual affect on one or two why does it only affect a few when they are all on the same field. 
Malcolm is hedge paring today so we will have to move every body about so that he can get in the field without worrying about gates etc,
Its coming to that time of year when the boys will be off before long I still don't like this part but of course it has to be done,we have decided to retain one chap this year,and at least two are off to new homes shortly.

New Blood

  September 10th
We bought a lovely black ram lamb yesterday quite small but with a
really nice fleece.
He stayed in the shed overnight and this morning was transferred with
thirteen new friends to new pasture and has settled very well,hopefully he will help to improve the next generations fleece.

furzehill shetland sheep

Well its the 5th September 2010 and this is a first for me,
our show season has come to an end and what a good one it was.  We are now starting to think of this years breeding pens .
Hopefully we will be using two tups this year if I can sort out where to put everybody ,by rights we should have already moved to new premises so  everything is a little daunting, as we just don't know where we will be and when we will be going.
We seem to be out most days looking at property hoping to find the place for us,are buyer is been relatively patient and given us another