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October 2010

Quick update and pics.

We went over to the new place today to measure the fields so we can order fencing materials ,hopefully the weather will be kind to us so the boys can get on the fields to do the work that is necessary .
fingers crossed that tupping wont take place too  late.

furzehill flock on the move

Furzehill flock are actually on the move at last! the 27th of October is D day,so stressful hopefully the fencing will have at least been started,
The new place hasn't got so much land but it has quite a bit of potential,a bit like a blank canvas ,parts of which are quite interesting.
All the ewes are looking well and ready for tupping ,with several having arguments i would love to know what they argue about,I have got one ewe that try's very hard to break any fights up she is such a softy a proper peace maker.

disappearing time

8th October where are the days going!this month is disappearing at an alarming rate,too much to do not enough timeto do it.
Yesterday was a day that I always find hard when the ram lambs go down the line ,
The next step is Tupping time we are off to look at the new place tomorrow to look at the proposed fencing and sheds,hopefully the fields will be split into easy management and purpose built lambing shed and handling area if all works well we won't  know are selves.
Things would have been a little easier if the kids gran hadn't badly  broken her wrist so traveling up and down is quite time consuming .

latest news

Sunday the 3rd wet and windy ,I really don't like turning sheep over to do feet when they are wet but needs must,and typically now its done and I'm wet and dirty the sun has come out.
It really looks hopeful for signing contracts this week.
We have decided on our breeding pens in readiness for the move as it will be that week the boys will go in with their respective ewes, living in hope that their fields will be fenced and ready.
This year will be the first year we will be using a home bred ram he is able to go to seven ewes,the rest will be going to Mr T.