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November 2010

New Stable and Yard

Stable and Yard in progress
In less than three weeks new stable and yard,built in awful conditions,I would recommend A W Tolley & J Ward for stables car ports etc. contact andy.tolley@ymail.com

As well as the builders been busy to make the ponies more comfortable the fencers have been busy trying to get a couple of paddocks ready for the sheep so that I can get the tups out,as you can see from the next picture Dillon seems a happy chap
Well thats about it for the moment but i shall be posting more soon,
in the meantime if you want good reliable builders don't forget

Copperfields at last,

The move was not good we should have been in the new place at 1.30pm but standing outside with three dogs two lorries, and a good friend ready and willing to help and unable to get in due to our buyers money not in place,at last the word came through that we could have the keys 4.45pm.
what a stressful day.
But we are here and the sheep and there collection of friends are now in residence.
We will be late tupping this year as we are waiting for fencing to be finished,the mud is horrendous with diggers, dumper trucks,tractors and assorted workers,hopefully my field design etc.