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February 2011

day one lambing paddock

Today started grey and damp with the digger and the dumper truck arriving mid morning ,first job digging the drainage ditch and laying the drainage pipe up the field in preparation for the hard track up to the proposed lambing shed and paddock.
It will be interesting to watch progress and designing the interior layout of the new shed,hopefully the stone will be arriving tomorrow and as soon as the track is in place then we can start the foundations of the shed fingers crossed for reasonable weather.


Mr T has recovered from his battering and seems to be getting on well with the wether and the other young ram,
Dillon is in a small paddock opposite and has settled down thank goodness.
All the ewes seem to be doing well even with such awful weather.
The builders are working hard and have finished the porch and they have done quite a bit of work on the bungalow.
At long last we have had planning permision for my lambing shed hopefully it will be built in time, they start digging the track on monday hopefully,so watch this space for updates and pictures,i have now got to design the internal parts to the shed .

the battering of Mr T

 Update on the latest with the flock, as today appeared to be a dry day we decided to take out the rams and put all the breeding ewes together .
We haltered the two boys out in the field easily and proceeded to put them in their new paddock they were really good they said hello and then Dillon decided to make sure T knew who was top sheep  T submited and ran off.
We went to move the ewes to their new accomodation as we were sorting them out Dillon was still chasing T about,  I happened to turn around to witness Dillon battering poor T who seemed to have got hung up in the fence and his head looked as if it was at a strange angle his legs dangling of the ground he looked dead we rushed over shouting at Dillon to get away ,we extracted T from the fence he was alive but very shocked ,