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April 2011

Day Ten lambing news

Day ten we have had a few busy days or should i say nights,we have got eighteen lambs from nine ewes ten left to go .We have some really nice lambs so far and very pleased with the two rams we have used, although I was a little concerned that Mr T hadn't seemed at all interested seven of his ewes have lambed and there are some really nice lambs amongst them.
One of his ewes lambed last night twin lambs one of each a black girl and a black shaela gulmoget boy both are nice and their fleece at the moment looks lovely.

lambing has started

Saturday the 15th Molly one of my favourite ewes looked a bit uncomfortable all day ,and 9.15 pm looked as if things were
beginning to move , from 1.30 checked her and the rest of the ewes approx every couple of hours what a long night 5.05 am Molly delivered a beautiful black gulmoget ewe lamb followed at 5.30 by a ram lamb also a black gumoget and by5.55 am she had a third another ram lamb  she is such a good mum and loves her babies,all babies up on their feet and appear  well and strong at the moment i will be posting more news as the lambs arrive these first babies are Dillons our home bred ram.

Lambing Shed Finished

The lambing shed is ready ,the ewes are in their new quarters bring on the lambs.
  A BIG thankyou to Andy ,Joe ,Rob and of course Malcolm who has made it happen.
They have worked hard and have done a brilliant job if any body out there wants any building work done they are the boys to ask just look at the photo's.They have made stables, car port,porch lambing shed done work on the bungalow and the big machinery shed. In all weather freezing conditions pouring rain, snow and a little sunshine.