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May 2011

Devon County Show

 We picked the little ewe to take to the Devon County early on in the season hopefuly she would give us a nice lamb or lambs,
We started lambing on the 10th of April lambing was going quite well with several beautiful lambs a good many black, a sprinkle of grey, a moorit, a few nice gulmogets.
The 28th of April two first time ewes one of which Domi our chosen ewe and Dainty are second choice,Dainty went into labour and after a quite difficult time we managed to deliver a very large ram lamb the little ewe was fine although very bruised and swollen ,Dainty as her name suggests is  small and finely boned ,I felt for her but she was happy with her new baby we were not overly impressed with this lamb but he is much improved now.

lambing continued

A quick update well we have twenty nine beautiful lambs out of sixteen ewes all done and dusted in under three weeks, well that is except for one first time mum who is yet to have her lambs, Mr T must have had a rest or did he leave the best till last we don't mind but we were hoping to show this ewe at the Devon County Show she is going to have to get a wriggle on if this is to happen.
We are very pleased with the lambs who are mainly black or black gulmoget it will be hard to decide which to sell this year if any body would like to visit please ring or email me you will be very welcome.