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Furzehill flock's new lambing shed


The lambing shed is coming on quite well this week should break the back of it. I have been getting all my bits together ready for lambing the ewes are looking good and I am now sure that Mr T has been a busy chap hopefully all his ewes are in lamb but time will tell on that, the first one to lamb should be a little ewe called Molly she gave us triplets three years ago and they were all beautiful , one of her daughters  looks as if she is in lamb both mum and daughter are black gulmogets mum has gone to my home bred black gulmoget and Dolly has gone to Mr T so hopefully we will get some nice lambs.

lambing shed progress

 The weather has at last improved last week I was convinced the boys were building a swimming pool ,but today things are begining to look better.The hard track up to the shed is making life a little better at least the dumper isn't getting stuck so often.The boys have dug down to solid ground on the shed site which was quite a depth they have layed the electric cable and water pipe and have put the big uprights in and cemented them today they are pulling out all the stops so that the girls will be able to lamb in a nice shed and I wont have to worry about them hopefully the shed will be done in time,I can't praise Andy, Joe, Rob and of course Malcolm for working so hard they are doing a grand Job.

day one lambing paddock

Today started grey and damp with the digger and the dumper truck arriving mid morning ,first job digging the drainage ditch and laying the drainage pipe up the field in preparation for the hard track up to the proposed lambing shed and paddock.
It will be interesting to watch progress and designing the interior layout of the new shed,hopefully the stone will be arriving tomorrow and as soon as the track is in place then we can start the foundations of the shed fingers crossed for reasonable weather.