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shetland ram Mr T.

the battering of Mr T

 Update on the latest with the flock, as today appeared to be a dry day we decided to take out the rams and put all the breeding ewes together .
We haltered the two boys out in the field easily and proceeded to put them in their new paddock they were really good they said hello and then Dillon decided to make sure T knew who was top sheep  T submited and ran off.
We went to move the ewes to their new accomodation as we were sorting them out Dillon was still chasing T about,  I happened to turn around to witness Dillon battering poor T who seemed to have got hung up in the fence and his head looked as if it was at a strange angle his legs dangling of the ground he looked dead we rushed over shouting at Dillon to get away ,we extracted T from the fence he was alive but very shocked ,

Mr T and Friends

New boy Mr T has settled in with his new friends well and is coming over with everybody for a small amount of feed.
The rich grass is a little too much at the moment and it is having the usual affect on one or two why does it only affect a few when they are all on the same field. 
Malcolm is hedge paring today so we will have to move every body about so that he can get in the field without worrying about gates etc,
Its coming to that time of year when the boys will be off before long I still don't like this part but of course it has to be done,we have decided to retain one chap this year,and at least two are off to new homes shortly.